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send doug fister to the mound against mad some baumgardner. >>> president obama won't get a chance to see a whole lot of the world series but when asked to choose between tigers and giants, the president did not hesitate to pick a winner. >> this is one of those presidential decisions, no matter what you say it's going to upset some people. you're going to vegas, going to place a bet on the world series, who you got? >> they're both great teams. detroit beat -- they beat my white sox out of a pennant, so they're an outstanding team. i will say that, you know, i have spent a lot of time in detroit lately, and, you know, i didn't want to let detroit go bankrupt. >> right, right. >> so, there's -- in this particular world series i may be a little partial. >> san francisco fans might not be thrilled with that pick but it's probably not going to cost him the state of california, i'm guessing. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" with 12 days until the electric, wall-to-wall swing state campaigning as new polling from ohio shows how early voting could impact the race. we
williams. the bucs go up 20-7. third quarter now, bucs up by ten. freeman hits doug martin on the screen pass. he weaves through traffic and outruns the defense for a 64-yard touchdown to put the bucs up 27-10. that's bad. this is closing minutes of the third quarter. things are getting chippy. the officials come over to break it up. but allen gets the worst of it and ends up with a bloody nose and the bucs win 36-17. >> i could never believe yesterday morning when you were saying that the bucs were actually going to cover the spread. you said they were going to win outright and pound the vikings in minnesota. i never saw it coming. >> i told you. weird. >> mika knows her stuff. mika the great. let's talk about the most overrated players in football. >> yes. >> doesn't look good for new york jets. >> this is tim tebow we're talking about. added another award to his trophy case. this one isn't very prestigious. tebow was chosen as the most overrated player in the league. 34% gave the distinction to tebow who has yet to score a touchdown as a role player for the jets. but tebow can take co
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)